About LowCostBid

Thousands of items are listed daily on eBay that have misspelled or mistyped (typos) titles and descriptions. LowCostBid finds and lists these hidden items which you can often buy for a bargain price. (a Low Cost Bid!)

"Look for misspellings! Many famous designers have hard-to-spell names. By searching eBay for a misspelling, you may get a great deal!" Dummies.com

"The New York Times reported this week that there are many items listed on the auction site that sell for much less than they are really worth because the sellers don't check their listing's spelling before they post." NY Times

"Did you know that on eBay you can probably pick up a labtop pretty cheap? How about getting some dimonds for a great price? These and many other items can be yours if you have a list of commonly misspelled.." Geek.com

"Many people can't spell (mine's awful) and consequentially mis-enter their eBay entries. This English teacher's nightmare is a bargain hunter's dream: wrongly spelt products attract fewer bids because many don't see them. A few specialist search sites take advantage of this, trawling eBay for all possible spelling mistake combinations." MoneySavingExpert